There are a lot of things that can get in the way of your workout and lifestyle changes. But just because things become difficult or if you happen to get off track, it doesn’t mean you need to be stuck there. We all slip up some time or another. It’s best to just look at what is causing you to stumble and hurdle over it. So what are the main three pitfalls that break motivation?

You lose focus on your goals and why you started in the first place.

This happens a lot more than most people think. Especially when you start working out and you might not see the results you want as soon as you thought you would see them. If you find yourself asking yourself “why am I doing this?” then you need to re-evaluate your goals. And don’t let not seeing the results you want take place overnight. You will only get more discouraged. Remember that change takes time and you get everything out of a workout you put into it. If you lose focus, find it again. Write down your goals and move forward.

Your friends or family bring you down

For a lot of us, the people we have in our lives can be motivators for wanting to look, feel, and be healthier. This can be good motivation, but you may have some friends or family that might get into the way of your new schedule and even have an impact on the way you eat as well. For example those friends and family that wants to have lunch or dinner with you, or maybe even friends who ask you to go out with them on gym nights. With a busy lifestyle you are sure to run into this. The most important thing is to just let your friends and family know that you are changing your health and lifestyle, and that you need to stay focused. A great idea is to plan one day with friends or family and let them know your schedule and what your goals are. This way friends and family are less likely to get in the way of your fitness goals.

You slip up or get off-track

This happens to everyone and no one is perfect when it comes to this. You may have missed a day in the gym, maybe you ate some treats or snacks that you shouldn’t have, or maybe you feel just too tired to get back into the swing of your routine. It is perfectly normal for this to happen. We all do this. The important thing is to get back on track and pick up your confidence again. Do not worry about missing exercises or eating those extra candies. Just tell yourself it is time to get back on track, realize and write down your goals, and get back into your routine as before. It may be hard to get started again, but once you are back into the swing of things you will feel better and also feel more confident.