Dealing with picky or fussy eaters can sometimes be a little frustrating. But there are some things you can do to deal with that fussy or picky eater in your family or home. Here are some tips to help you.

Mix New Foods with Their Normal Foods

It is always better to introduce a new food to someone along with something the picky eater already likes. Putting new foods with food that someone already likes is a great way to get them to try something new while having something they are familiar with at the same time. Adding variety in a diet is important and what a better way to do it than this. It also may be helpful to give the picky eater new foods more often to break them out of the habit of having the same “tried and true’ favorites. And if they don’t like the new food the first time, don’t give up on it just yet. Sometimes it will take three or four times to get a picky eater to finally try something that is new to discover they actually do like it.

Eat The Same Food As You’re Trying To Get Them To Eat

“If I like it then it must be good, right?” Well this isn’t always true since our tastes are all different, and no matter how many times you try Brussels sprouts you still may not like them. But tastes do change over time in people and one thing they disliked a year ago, they might love now. Most of the time if you are eating something and you enjoy this then it will cause curiosity in other people and especially children. If they see you eating something you like, the chances of them trying and eating the same food is very likely. You should always try to encourage a child or picky eater to try something instead of forcing it. This usually will make them even fussier. Offering fruits or things like carrot sticks and applesauce to a meal can really add some variety and you might be surprised when your picky eater start to try everything.

Apply Good Meal Behavior During Meal Times

Being a good role model to children can have a lot of impact on them and their eating habits. Making meal times interesting or fun can help break down the barriers of a picky eater. For example, having them help you cook or prepare the food can build interest in the food itself like making sandwiches or a pizza together. You should offer the healthiest and most nutritious foods first when your picky eater is the hungriest. It is also a good idea to not let your picky eater drink too much before eating. Water is OK, but hold off on the milk or juice until after your fussy eater has eaten.