It’s Valentine’s Day weekend! We know this means flowers, chocolate, and fancy dates. If lingerie is involved in your Valentine’s Day, we have some tips for foods to include in the special day to make sure the fire stays lit for as long as you need to. What are aphrodisiacs? They are foods or drinks that spark sexual desire. Why not?!

1. Oysters Not only are oysters high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your skin and circulation, they are also high in a certain type of amino acids that promote the production of hormones connected with sexual desire. If you are somewhere you can access them fresh, eat them raw and right out of the shell with some lemon (after washing them of course!). Otherwise you can steam them or make oyster soup. Yum!

2. Chili peppers  Now only chili peppers a symbol of love in many countries, they are potent stimulators of endorphins, or chemicals that make your brain commute a feel-good feeling to the rest of your body. They will also make your heart race and your skin sweat, which sounds a lot like when you are in bed with your significant other. As a plus, chili also helps control blood pressure has is related to lower incidences of cancer. Don’t be afraid to add a little spicy food to your meals this weekend!

3. Chocolate So maybe don’t bypass that box of chocolates before heading home this Valentine’s Day. Eating good-quality chocolate has been shown to spike dopamine levels, which is a chemical in the brain that causes a sensation of pleasure. Get some with a rich texture and taste, and add to the sensuality of chocolate. Try at least 80% dark chocolate in order to skip the unnecessary sugar and fat so you can stay on your fitness track while indulging in more way than one.   Don’t forget to pick up some of these foods before meeting your significant other for a romantic weekend. These aphrodisiac foods will not only ignite a spark between you and your loved one, they are also delicious and good for you!