When it comes to digestion the topic is almost never thought of. We eat food, our bodies digest it, we either feel fine or sometimes we get a sick stomach because of the foods we eat. The digestive system is made of a balance of what is called microflora. There is a balance of potentially good and bad microflora in the digestive system. If there is an imbalance of microflora, it can cause you to have digestion problems. It is important to understand if you have a healthy digestive system or not. If you have a lot of problems like upset stomach, excessive acid or indigestion, then you know that there could be cause for some concern. It might come as a surprise that 75% of your body’s immune system is in the digestive track. So obviously it is important to keep it healthy. There are some things you can do naturally to help balance your digestion.

Eating The Right Foods

While this seems like the most common sense thing to do, most people do not eat a healthy diet. Junk food or fried foods are bad for the digestive system. It’s better to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and stay away from foods that are high in fat. Carbonated soda is also bad for the digestive tract and can actually eat away at the lining inside your stomach and intestines and actually strip away the microflora. If you drink carbonated cola or sodas, you should limit your intake of these. Strong coffee can also be bad for the stomach lining and should be consumed in moderation. Not only does eating the right foods contribute to a healthy digestive system, but it can also help with natural weight loss.

Take Prebiotics on a Regular Basis

Available in most health food stores or pharmacies are ‘Prebiotics” that are actually live bacteria. These prebiotics help to promote growth of the good or helpful bacteria inside your intestine and stomach. Prebiotics are not digestible and instead promote the growth of the helpful bacteria “Bifidobacteria”, “Lactobacilli”, and “Fructooligosaccharides” which are actually found naturally in onions, garlic, artichokes, and bananas. Getting enough of these is important to keeping a healthy digestive system

Drink Plenty Of Water

It is said by many experts that you shouldn’t drink too much water before or during a meal because the water can break down the acids in our stomach for digesting food. However, it is important to hydrate or drink enough liquids in between meals so that your digestive system can properly function. It is also known that sometimes our bodies can mistake hunger for thirst. So if you are feeling hungry, it could be that your body is trying to tell you that you need to drink more water. It’s also good to drink plenty of water in between meals so that you don’t overeat. So drink plenty of water or even add fruit to water if you aren’t a big fan of drinking it. Some orange slices or even some lemon slices can help liven up that bottle of water.

As always, before making drastic changes in your diet, you should consult a physician and or a nutritionist to learn more and make sure what you are doing is healthy and right for your body. Jillian Panzella is a nutritionist and nutrition consultant in NYC and is also a specialist in Weight Loss for Women, Pregnancy Nutrition, and natural weight loss. Contact Jillian today to see how she can help you.