It can be hard to find the best nutritionist in NYC to suit your needs – sometimes it feels like there is one on every corner! Follow our 5 steps to find the right nutritionist for you in no time.

#1. Ask a friend If your friend is suddenly glowing with health and vitality, ask them what their secret is! Chances are they’ve discovered an amazing nutritionist in NYC, who has drawn up a personal plan just for them.

#2. Do your homework If you can’t get a recommendation, choose a few nutritionists in your local area – hunt online or in the local press and list a few that catch your eye. It’s best to use a holistic nutritionist who will examine far more than just your eating habits.

#3. Get chatting Call the nutritionists on your list, and if it’s not possible to talk to them directly, make an appointment for a free consultation. This is your opportunity to ask them any questions, find out about their service and discuss their qualifications and experience.

#4. Get a quote There’s no point in finding the perfect nutritionist in NYC, only to discover that their fees are out of this world, never mind out of your price range! Always ask to see information on their fees and let them know your expectations before deciding which nutritionist to use.

#5. Keep smiling Make sure your nutritionist is someone you get along with on a personal level. After all, this person is going to be guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle and asking some very personal questions along the way! Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect nutritionist.