When you go on vacation it is easy to stray off your exercise and diet routines. You are on vacation after all, right? But what if you need to stick with your routine and eating habits? There are some things you can do to prepare for going on vacation and still being able to eat the right foods and get your weekly exercises in. Here are 5 tips for staying healthy while you are on vacation:

1.       Check ahead for gyms or make gym arrangements – Did you know that some hotels have their own gyms? Although some do charge a bit for them, if you are booking a hotel for your vacation then you can ask them if they have a gym onsite. If they do not have a gym in their hotel, some hotels have arrangements with gyms that are close by and if all else fails, look for a hotel that is close to a national gym chain. You might even get lucky and find the gym that you currently have a membership to. Do not forget to take along your gym clothes and running shoes. It might be a nice idea to explore your new vacation spot with some jogging in the local areas. If you are headed to a resort, then swimming and running on the beach is an excellent way to get some exercise while enjoying yourself.

2.       Plan ahead for all your meals – Depending on where you are going or how your hotel room is going to be equipped, it is safe to say that you will end up with a nice little refrigerator in your room as most 3-4 star hotels are standard with such. When you arrive to your destination, take some time and find out where the good restaurants are. You are going to likely want to eat out at some place while on your vacation as most people do, but it does not mean you need to sacrifice healthy food for junk food. If you adhere to a special diet such as vegan or vegetarian, ask your hotel front desk where you can find the best in your area. Make some calls or visit some of these places and find out how healthy their menu is. Finding places to eat is not going to be difficult, but as for the refrigerator I mentioned earlier, it won’t hurt to stock it up a bit with some fruits or veggies for snacking on in case you’re hungry in between meals.

3.       Get plenty of rest – Vacation time for some people means a lot of rest and for some of us explorers, it can mean we get so busy exploring that we jilt ourselves out of well needed rest for the next day. Plan ahead and schedule things so that you get enough rest if you want to get up early the next day and workout before your exploring. Being tired on your vacation is no fun. Get plenty of sleep and relax. A vacation is just not a vacation without getting plenty of rest. 4.       Be prepared – It is a good idea to have everything you might need on your vacation like medicines and bandages. Heaven forbid if you need any of these things, but if you do, you will be better prepared and have what you need in case you get a terrible headache. Take sanitizing wipes with you and it might also be a good idea to boost your immune system with some vitamins. You will be staying in a different city and in a hotel room. 5.       Have fun and relax – Having fun and relaxing is the best recipe for a healthy vacation. Once a week I give myself a day to relax and eat what I like – one of your days on vacation, go ahead and splurge and have that special local pizza or pasta dinner. It will be no fun if you stick to your routine completely on your vacation – Not only is it good for your spirit, but it is good for your body too.