A Highly Specialized, Six Month Plan For Long-Lasting Results

6-Month ProgramWouldn’t it be great if there were a weight loss program designed just for you? Rather than forcing yourself to conform to a boxed program that was made with someone else in mind, I’m offering you a weight loss method that is build around you: your goals, your needs, and your lifestyle.

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, unlike many nutritionists I prefer to take a holistic approach to weight loss. I believe that focusing only on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins only covers a small fraction of what’s necessary for a successful weight loss and nutrition program. Rather, I will look at all aspects of your life (physical activity, relationships, career, spirituality, etc.), figure out how it all connects, and help you make lifestyle changes that will ultimately result in you reaching your health goals.

For long-lasting results, transforming your health and body should happen gradually. Longer programs are proven to be more sustainable in providing long term results. Crash, or fad, diets don’t work because they are all about short-term restrictions instead of long-term nutrition coupled with healthy habits. Also, crash diets only look at food and not your total lifestyle. All aspects of your life are interconnected; gradual changes allow for maintainable improvements to your overall health.

What do You Get with the 6-Month Program?

I will work with you for six months in an intensive program that includes two phone calls per month for a total of 12 calls. Our first call each month is one hour in length. We’ll look into your issues surrounding food and come up with a plan to overcome those issues. Our second call is mid month and is a half hour check in where you will update me on your progress. I will help you stay committed to the work giving your more motivation, guidance, tips and plans. Also included in the 6-month program are:

  • Emails or texts in-between sessions to answer questions and keep you on track
  • Customized diet plan
  • Weekly check-ins and progress photos
  • Food analysis and feedback
  • Nutrition lessons on dining
  • Solving diet dilemmas
  • Decoding food labels
  • Overcoming emotional eating
  • Motivational and emotional support
  • Recipes and lifestyle adjustments
  • Exercise tips
  • Tips on meditation and yoga
  • Option to add the Metagenics Clear Change™ program
  • Free gifts!

Total investment- $2200.00 (payment plans available) For six months you will work exclusively with me getting my personal attention. We’ll create a program that’s tailored just for you. Be prepared for a transformation!

Interested in Cleanses and Detoxes?

Not sure if you need an intensive 6-month plan but feeling sluggish and unfocused in your daily life? It could be your body’s way of telling you it’s out of whack and needs some adjustment. A cleanse or detox may be just the thing to get the toxins out so you can recover your vibrancy and energy. Or as part of your health plan do you want to consciously remove chemicals your body has picked up from the environment? A provider of the following program, I can guide you as we get your body back to a higher level of performance. Sign up for my 6-month program today and you have the option of adding this!

The Clear Change™ Metabolic Detoxification Program

Toxic chemicals are continually released into the environment and we pick them up as we go about our daily routines. They accumulate and can negatively affect our health. Under normal circumstances and through good nutrition we can clear some of these toxins from our bodies, but sometimes we need a little extra help. The liver, kidneys, and colon remove some of these chemicals by design, and the Clear Change™ Metabolic Detoxification Program enhances that process naturally. A 10-day program, it provides energy and support for the body’s overall well being.

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