It seems like everyone is trying to drop a few pounds these days. Since I provide nutrition consulting for a living, I’m often asked by friends and family to share a “few tips” or “a bit of advice” on how to get the most out of a diet. So, here we go!

  • Patience – I put this at the top of the list because it really is a big one. So many people just aren’t patient when it comes to sticking out their diets. They have this image of how they want to look in their heads, but when it doesn’t happen overnight, they feel hopeless and give up. Stay with it! Many people find that it helps to take weekly pictures so that you can actually see the progress you’re making, and stay motivated.
  • Identify Problem Eating Habits – I really recommend taking a hard look at your eating habits to figure out why you’re losing weight. Keeping a food journal can help identify some bad habits you may have. For instance, do you eat when you’re worried or upset? Or maybe you’re eating healthy, but you’re drinking all those extra calories in soft drinks. Also, alcohol only sabotages your efforts, so cut it out of your diet!
  • Don’t skip meals! – Seriously, don’t! Especially breakfast. Statistically, people who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t. Get that metabolism working right when you wake up! Rather than skipping meals, try eating multiple smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Don’t overeat “healthy” foods – So this is one I just had to mention. Just because a food is technically “healthy” doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want. If you eat 10 granola bars, and 5 health shakes along with everything else, you’re going to gain weight. Moderation is key. Every once in awhile, treat yourself to a little of something you’ve been dying for. That way, you won’t succumb to cravings later and binge-eat.

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