Strategy SessionNot everyone is looking for a full on weight loss program, but we could all use a little guidance now and then. If you have a single burning topic or question that you would like a nutritionist’s point of view on, I am here to help through individual phone or Skype sessions.

Maybe you have questions about your everyday nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how they affect your overall health and well-being. Perhaps you just want to know what exactly is sabotaging your efforts to claim that slim figure you’ve been working hard for. Maybe you just want to know how to fight cravings, get and stay motivated, or how to exercise without it feeling like a chore. Whatever your questions, I can answer them, leaving you motivated, confident, and pointed in the right direction to achieve your weight loss goals.

By the end of this private VIP session with me by phone, you will:
  • Understand what is holding you back from losing weight
  • Learn what your cravings mean and how to curb them
  • Learn how to enjoy food and your relationship with it
  • Receive exercise, diet and recipe guidance
  • Get stress reduction and meditation techniques
  • Develop a plan of action for reaching a weight that is right for you
  • Total investment- $97.00

You can achieve the self confidence and weight loss you are looking for.  Our one-on-one strategy session will help you to get started on the right track, or to get through the roadblock that’s preventing you from fitting back into those skinny jeans in your closet. Let me help you uncover your dream body!

If you are tired of dieting and want to achieve long lasting results, then this is the best way to get started! You can ask me anything you would like relating to fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals, as well as how they all tie into your overall health. This session will give you the direction you need to finally lose that extra weight and get that body you deserve!

So what are you waiting for? Call (888) 513-4777 or send me an email at and we can schedule a time to help get you on the right track to a healthier, happier life.


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