Being a new mother comes with a list of stresses a mile long. One that’s at the top of most mother-to-be’s lists is “how can I be sure my baby is getting the nutrition it needs? That’s a tough one, especially because if you try to search for the answers online, you’re bound to get a lot of advice that isn’t necessarily right for you (or in some instances, right at all!). That’s where a professional nutritionist in NYC like Jillian Panzella steps in to provide you with nutrition counseling to ensure you feel great during your pregnancy, and have the happiest, healthiest baby possible!

Clearing up Myths of Pregnancy

Oftentimes you hear soon-to-be mothers complaining about things like morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, and low energy. Current mothers will even tell you to expect this, as they are “just part of being pregnant.” The truth most women can avoid many, if not all, of these “common” problems if they would only optimize their pregnancy nutrition. Luckily, when you hire Jillian for your prenatal nutrition counseling, she provides you with everything you need to supercharge your body and keep you energized for all the adventures of pregnancy. You’ll get your own personalized diet to ensure you and your baby gets all of the vital nutrients you both need. It will also keep you gaining healthy weight. On the topic of healthy weight, another common myth is that when you have a baby you get “fat.” That isn’t necessarily true. Yes, you gain weight – that just goes with pregnancy – but you only get “fat” if you eat anything and everything, instead of a healthy diet. Now, a “healthy diet” doesn’t mean depriving yourself, just eating the right foods in the right amounts. If you follow one of Jillian’s structured eating plans, you’ll gain healthy weight that will be much easier to lose once you have your baby.

After Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy nutrition is just as important for your family. After you have your bundle of joy, it’s common to want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. Jillian can absolutely help you with that. As a nutritionist in NYC that is also a mother, she can tell you first hand the fastest natural weight loss techniques to drop those extra pounds. She managed herself to lose 50lbs in 10 weeks after her pregnancy! Nutrition is less something you do, and more of a lifestyle. There’s no reason you have to stop being healthy once your pregnancy is over. Jillian also provides family  where she can help you with the (admittedly more daunting) task of getting the whole family to eat healthy. She’ll once again give you a personalized meal plan and diet to guide you, as well as some tasty recipes to get you started. Before you know it, you and your whole family will be feeling great and looking great!  

For More Information

If you need advice on providing the best nutrition for your child, or you want to lose that stubborn baby weight, contact Jillian today to schedule an appointment! You can also visit her website at for more information.