Many women have poor diets in today’s world due to stress, working, and high family demands.  It is very important for all women to take the time and consult a nutritionist if you want to feel and look great.  I have spent the better part of my life studying the effects of nutrition on the body and the great outcomes of eating properly.  I know that many women fight a hard battle because they don’t understand they really do not have to “diet” in the traditional sense.  We just have to change our eating habits and lifestyles in order to maintain a proper balance to have the energy to run a household and hold down a job.

Life can become very demanding at times and it’s easy to cook that frozen pizza or run through a fast food establishment.  Planning meals wisely takes the same amount of time as getting in your car and wasting gas to run for convenience.  You may feel like you are saving time, but is it really worth risking your health?

A Nutritionist like myself can help encourage and empower you to eat properly and understand the connection between the right foods and proper rest and exercise.  My advice will help you to not only look better, but help you to feel better, improve your immune system and turn your body into a healthy, lean mean, fat burning machine.

I want to help you change your lifestyle into something you can be proud of, that has tangible benefits, and leaves you looking and feeling your best. I take pride in my role as a nutritionist for the numerous women around New York and beyond that I’ve helped transform their lives and bodies. If you are ready to take the first step towards natural weight loss, please contact me today and we can get started together. I look forward to hearing from you soon!