The key to good health is nutrition.  For the body to function optimally, or even normally, it is necessary that it receive essential nutrients.  Each body may have its own nutritional requirements, and this is where a nutritionist can help.  Here is how you can find a good nutritionist in NYC.

  1. Ask recommendations from your friends or health practitioner for a nutritionist in NYC.  Typically, you can trust that they will only recommend those who have proven results.
  2. Use internet resources.  If you are clueless where to begin, use the search engines or the ever -reliable Google.  It will pull up several websites to help you with your search.  Visit a couple of sites to find your nutritionist.
  3. If you are using the search engine as your tool to find a good nutritionist, prefer someone who has a strong web presence and credibility online.  The person should have his/her own website with content that is useful and relevant to the needs of those who want to benefit from nutrition.  Check the ‘About’ page to see if the person has impressive credentials.

Finding a good nutritionist in NYC is easy – in fact, you already have! Feel free to search around, but we’re confident you’ll find that Jillian Panzella Nutrition will prove to be a step above the rest.