Bench dips are a controversial exercise. Some experts say that this exercise should not be done at all. However a lot of people and trainers still do this exercise and it’s important to know what muscles you are working on and how to do this exercise the right way. Please, as always, before trying a new exercise, get a trainer or someone who is experienced to help you do exercises like this one correctly. This could be called somewhat an advanced exercise, however it has its advantages when done correctly. Some bodybuilders credit huge triceps and chest muscles to Bench Dips when done correctly. As always, start out slow and do a couple of repetitions before attempting to do full sets to give yourself an idea if this exercise is right for you. It should be noted that those with previous shoulder, arm, wrist, and back injuries should be very careful when performing this exercise. If you are attempting to do this exercise it should be noted that you should be able to do 50 pushups in perfect and strict form as a warm up previous to this type of exercise. If you cannot do this, you might want to wait on bench dips and do pushups to strengthen the shoulders and the arm muscles that are used to do bench dips.

So how do you do a Bench Dip Correctly? Well the first thing is to get into a starting position and make sure your feet are square with your shoulders.  Bench dips are different as in you are doing the motion of placing your hands square on the edge of the bench and then lowering your hips to the floor and then raising yourself as shown in this photo below. 

It is important to keep your legs together and your feet can be flat on the floor or you can balance yourself on your heels. Focus on your core muscles and not just your arm muscles to keep yourself stable. You should only lower yourself until your triceps are in a perfect horizontal position being careful not to over-extend the triceps or hyper extend them. Once again, it is important to start out slow and work your way up to getting comfortable doing the bench dip. Go slow and see if you can hold yourself in the lower position for a few seconds before raising yourself up. These can be very effective when in a holding position and then lifting yourself up, and then holding yourself again at the lower position for 3-5 seconds. At any time if you feel any pain or discomfort please stop doing this exercise and concentrate on exercises that will strengthen the shoulder and triceps. Remember to focus on your core muscles and leg muscles for stability. Repetitions of 5-10 while holding in the lower position are safer and more effective.