Looking to lose weight? If so, you might want to think twice about hopping into the food guide pyramid to guide your diet plan. Many people use the diet pyramid thinking that this will lead them to see great results, but really, it’s only going to lead you astray. The fact of the matter is that the food guide pyramid is very outdated and often not the best approach to try and lose weight – or even achieve optimal health for that matter. Let’s look at the major problems associated with the food guide pyramid and why using it may cause you to gain excess weight you don’t want.

Too Much Emphasis On Grains

The very first big problem with the food guide pyramid is that it places far too much focus on grains as the mainstay of your diet plan. if anything, grains should be the food you eat the least of, not the most, yet the food guide pyramid says otherwise. Keep grains out of the picture of the most part and be sure that you exclude all breads. Oatmeal, brown rice, and quinoa should be the main grains you do eat before and after workouts.

Lack Of Lean Protein

Next, another issue with the food guide pyramid is that it’s too low in lean protein. Lean protein is the most important nutrient to eat for fat loss because it has the highest thermic effect of food and will also help to keep you feeling satisfied the best. Start eating at least four servings of lean protein a day, if not more.

Too Low In Fat

Moving along, the food guide is far too low in healthy fats as well. Healthy fats come near the top of the pyramid when really, they should make up at least a quarter of your calorie intake, if not slightly more. Healthy fats are going to help to calm hunger better than carbohydrates and are loaded with important nutrients. Furthermore, they control blood glucose levels, giving you maximum control over insulin as well. Of course you do need to choose your fats wisely and be sure to moderate your serving size, but there’s no reason to avoid these on your diet plan.

What It Does Right

So what does the pyramid get right? The only thing it does have right is the fact that you should be eating a high amount of fresh fruits and vegetables daily as it suggests. These should still form the bulk of your diet as they are so low in calories but high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Together with your lean proteins and healthy fats, they will keep you healthy and reaching your natural weight loss goals. So keep these points in mind and adjust your natural weight loss diet accordingly. If you want to eat right, these principles must be in place.