The temptations can be brutal… I know. The smell of baked goods in the oven, the impulse to serve yourself second and third servings, saying yes to whatever is offered to you. I have been there. The holiday season is so incredibly sensory, it is hard not to participate in the snacking, binging, and food comas. 

There are some tricks you can follow to keep from going overboard during the holiday season, and keep your cravings in check. 

1. Never go Hungry for Holiday Visits

The holidays are a perfect time to catch up with family and friends who live far away or who you simply don’t get the chance to see very often. However, in terms of your waistline, this can be brutal. It is unusual to visit someone without them offering some delicious desert or snack to go along with your eggnog or cider. If you make your visits prior to dinnertime, hunger can get to you. So you stuff your mouth with whatever sweet goodness comes your way. 

Having a hearty snack or meal (within your  food restrictions) before making visits can keep you full, and calm the impulse to grab a handful of sweetness, thus fighting cravings. 

2. Eat a Bit of the Special Stuff

The point isn’t to deprive yourself of all the Christmas goodies. Let yourself sample the foods that are really special. They key here is “sampling”. Enjoy quality over quantity and stop after you have gotten the perfect taste. This tactic makes staying on track more sustainable, because you can participate in the traditions without going overboard. 

3. Choose Slim Drinks

You’d be surprised as to how many of the calories and how much of the fat comes from holiday drinks. 8 fluid ounces of Egg Nog, for examples has 223 calories, 35% of your % Daily Value of saturated fat, and 50% of your % Daily Value of cholesterol. Choose unsweetened juices, freshly brewed tea, and water instead.