The holiday feasts are over and there are no more excuses to neglect your health and nutrition. New years resolutions have been made, and it’s time to do all that is in our power to keep them. No this, not only for the sake of keeping them, but also to ensure that we work towards becoming our healthiest selves.

Flash back to January 1st (you are recuperating from the New Years party), and 2nd (you are still on vacation)… and 10th (you just don’t have time; you’ll start next month)… and the list goes on.

We know how difficult it can be to change habits. However, there are some tricks that may help you stay on track and form new habits.

1. Take it a day at a time. 

It can be overwhelming to thing that you are supposed to be making a change this year to improve your life. It makes it seem a lot more intimidating, difficult, and tiring. Don’t think about resolutions being forever resolutions. Take it a step at a time. Think about exercising on Monday (just one!). Once you’ve done that, work towards exercising 3 times that week. Once you’ve done that you can think about making it a regular thing. The next thing you know, you’ve changed habits. The trick is taking it one day at a time. 

2. Make one change at a time

If your list of resolutions is too long, you will feel overwhelmed for the same reasons as mentioned above. Don’t try to do all of your resolutions at once. Ease into them, and you will feel much more comfortable making smaller changes over several weeks. That way, it will be less likely that you will give up on your resolutions and go back to your old ways. 

3. Get a resolution buddy

Whether it is your mom, your friend, your trainer, or your partner, let them know of your resolutions and ask them for their support. You can even share resolutions and go to the gym together, cook together, and share ideas and tips. 

4. Do things that make you happy

Doing things you love will help you stay positive. Watch a funny movie, hang out with friends, call up your sister, and keep your mind focused on what makes you happy. This will help to remind you that there are people you love you want to make sure to stay healthy for. Staying busy with things that keep you relaxed and happy, will help keep you from bored-eating. 

If you need help keeping your health resolutions, feel free to reach out to me! I’m sure we will find a program that works well for you.