Losing weight is a huge goal in many people’s lives. The many benefits natural weight loss brings are more than enough to motivate people into bringing about change. Change, however, can be a very scary thing if not dealt with adequately. Not understanding the dynamics of change can sabotage your weight loss and the opportunity for you to become a better version of yourself.

How Fear of Change Can Antagonize You There are a number of ways in which fear of change can antagonize you on your path to self-improvement. This fear can either come from you, or from the people surrounding you. While this very same fear has been detrimental to the success of many people, understanding it can help you arm yourself with the right thoughts and motivation to get you through the entire process of changing for the better.

Subconsciously, you might be experiencing fear of change as – after all – natural weight loss can be such a hard task. The thought of losing weight may make you feel like you’re losing a part of yourself, giving up some things that you really love, and/or exchanging your personal identity for a strange new one. Without you knowing, harboring these fears may lead you to sabotage your own success, as you aren’t entirely ready to let go of everything associated with your excess weight just yet, despite being ready to let go of the weight, itself. The people around you may also antagonize your success. Friends, lovers, and family members may become uncomfortable with you losing weight.

It’s not because they do not want what’s best for you… it’s because they are afraid of how your natural weight loss will change your relationship with them! Your quest to losing weight could mean that you have less time to spend with them. It could also mean that they feel you are making yourself a better person than they are, taking away the attention, the praises, and other positive things they were getting that you weren’t when you were in a worse physical condition.

You Control You Keeping things in the proper perspective will keep those fears away, or in check at the very least. Always keep in mind that despite the many things that you could lose from losing weight, you still have so much more to gain from it! A good way of going about this is to list down all the pros and cons that could come from natural weight loss, keep in mind all the pros, and find ways in which you could turn those cons around.

Since you can’t control others, the best that you can do is protect yourself from their fears. First off, you have to keep in mind that others’ fears do not make them bad people. On the road to becoming a better version of yourself, be aware of the many ways with which people around you may be sabotaging your weight loss. Prepare yourself for these methods, and keep a positive mind at all times. With time, those around you will come to accept your changes and embrace these as well as (or even better than) they have embraced the old you.

Never Forget: You Deserve to Be Healthy! If health is not enough of a reason, you have to remember that you deserve to look good, feel good, and be happy as well. Embracing change is an essential part of changing for the better. Keeping yourself aware of the fear of change helps you protect yourself from it, and brings about a whole chain of changes that will make your life even better than you possibly dreamt it could be.