I would say one of the most joyous moments of a woman’s life is finding out she is going to have a baby and that baby needs to grow into a healthy adult.  The major importance of pregnancy nutrition is proper eating habits and rest along with exercise and stress reduction.

Studies have shown that eating properly during a woman’s pregnancy decreases unhealthy weight gain, decreases many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, and builds a foundation for the baby to grown into a healthy adult.  Proper eating during pregnancy also helps create a healthy immune system for the baby and eventually will carry through to adulthood. One mother says: “I have had 6 healthy children and have always eaten properly during my pregnancies. 

I remember one doctor who was amazed at my 5th child’s body structure.  My son was all muscle when he was born and the doctor could see that he would grow into a fine young man with a lean body composition.  This discovery was made due to the fact that I ate properly during my pregnancy and it paid off.  My son is now 18 and he is still a lean muscle machine.  In fact all of my children inherited my lean body shape and I believe this was due to my eating habits, exercise and that helped me to reduce stress that comes along with pregnancy due to everyday life.” One of the most important things you can do as a mother-to-be is looking into pregnancy nutrition consulting. 

Nutrition consulting comes in different forms for a pregnant woman.  Reading books about proper nutrition during pregnancy is very helpful. Most of this information can be received from your doctor and nurse practitioners and there are also many classes a woman can take to gain information on proper nutrition during pregnancy.

However, consulting a certified nutritionist like myself can take a lot of the guesswork out of the situation. I can help you identify the optimum diet that is best suited for you, to ensure your baby is happy and healthy. Unhealthy weight is very easy to gain during pregnancy and the weight coupled with an unhealthy diet can make us gain additional weight that isn’t easy to take off. 

In addition, we don’t feel that great eating unhealthy foods.  We become tired, cranky, and sluggish and worn out in general and then some gain a poor self-body image of ourselves after the pregnancy is over because some women have gained over 50 pounds.  It isn’t always easy to be conscientious of what you eat, especially when those pregnancy cravings hit – but sometimes all we need is a little motivation to keep us on track.

That’s where I come in. I can not only give you a blueprint to a healthy pregnancy, but also provide you with the support you need to keep at it. If you are an expectant mother and are interested in pregnancy nutrition consulting, then check out the rest of my website and contact me today! I’m always happy to speak with new mothers-to-be about how we can get them on track to a healthier pregnancy.