A well-rounded derrière serves more than just an aesthetic purpose when it comes to weight loss for women and men. The gluteals, being among the largest muscle groups in the body, serve an important function in keeping your hip and upper leg movements intact. Weak gluteal muscles can undermine your hip and leg movements as well as cause back pains – highlighting the importance of keeping these muscles strong and tight.

The good thing about exercising for better buttocks is that a wide range of simple and equipment-free workouts can be done at the comfort of your own home. Many of these exercises also provide the additional benefit of exercising surrounding muscle groups and natural weight loss. I am, however, going to focus on exercises that provide the benefit of tightening your butt with just a few simple movements and without the use of gym equipment.

Single Leg Squat Start by holding your arms in front of you at shoulder’s width apart and parallel to the ground. Keep your knees together. While keeping both legs straight, raise your right leg directly in front of you at about a few inches off the ground. Slowly lower yourself on your left leg while constantly keeping the other leg’s distance from the floor constant. Slowly ease yourself back up, then repeat. Do 3 sets with 25 repetitions each for each leg.

During the entire exercise, make sure that the front most part of you knee is aligned with or slightly posterior to the tip of your toes. This might make it difficult to go all the way down into the squat, so during your first few sets, simply try going as far down as you possibly can while keeping good form. Your mobility will get better throughout time, and it won’t be long until you can comfortably go all the way down onto the floor and ease yourself back up – all in good form.

Front Lunge Start with your feet about a shoulder’s width apart. With your right foot, take a huge step forward while keeping your left foot in place. Your two feet should be about 2-3 shoulder’s width apart by this time. Slowly bend your right leg until you form a 90-degree angle at the right knee. Slowly straighten your legs, then bring your right leg back up to starting position. Do the same with the left leg. Do 30 reps with each leg, or a total of 60 alternating reps.

You can do this exercise with some weights (i.e., dumbells). An important thing to remember with this exercise is to maintain a 90-degree angle at your knees by making sure that your knees are aligned with or do not go too far forward than the tip of your toes.

Hip Extensions Start with positioning yourself on all fours, keeping your shoulders aligned with your hands and your buttocks aligned with your knees. Basically, you should be forming a rectangle with the floor, with your back parallel to the ground, and your arms parallel to your upper legs. Raise your right leg as far up as you can, until your lower leg is perpendicular to the ground. Lower the leg back into position. Do 20 reps, then repeat the process for your left leg.

There are a number of variations to these exercises that can help spice up your daily routine. Doing these exercises daily will not only tone your buttocks, but also add more dimension to your health and natural weight loss. By pairing these exercises with the proper nutrition (preferably with the guidance and help of a nutritionist or a medical professional), you can merrily be on your way to a tighter and shapelier derrière.