There is a long list of items that pregnancy nutrition experts warn us not to eat – from raw eggs to shellfish and liver, these foods are thought to cause harm to unborn babies.  But what damage do they really do, and is it safe for you to eat them in small quantities during the long nine months of pregnancy?

Liver is off the menu

Sadly, pates and meat spreads often contain liver, and it’s been proven that your risk of bacterial food poisoning is increased whilst you’re pregnant.  This means that pates are off the menu, and foods like hotdogs and other processed deli meats need to be thoroughly cooked or avoided altogether until your baby is born.

Be wary of eggs

Because of the risk of salmonella, raw eggs should also be avoided – and this means that some of your favorite things such as Caesar dressing, hollandaise and any kind of raw batter (cookie dough!) are most definitely off limits during your pregnancy.  If you’re eating eggs, make sure that they are cooked until the whites and yolks are both firm.

Avoid the unpasteurized

Sadly, pregnancy nutrition experts advise us to avoid unpasteurized milk, which means many cheeses such as brie, camembert, feta, blue cheese and some Mexican cheeses are a no-go area.  Cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese and skim milk are all fine to have during pregnancy and will ensure your baby receives the nutrition he or she needs to be healthy. There are some foods that should definitely be avoided during pregnancy – it’s only nine months and it’s for the wellbeing of your baby.  If you need to gorge yourself on all the foods you missed out on in the week after you give birth, nobody will blame you.