Did you really just spend the last three nights in a row mindlessly munching in front of the television? Well, unfortunately, you’re not alone. It is easy to fall out of your routine and end up eating just because there is nothing else to do or you’ve grown tired of your workout. This happens to even the best of us, but there are ways to break out of this before too much harm is done.

If you have a daily routine and it is the same routine over and over again and at the same gym or same place every day, this can get boring and have your mind thinking you need to take a break when what you really need is to change things up a little. Try adding more activities to your workout. Don’t spend every single day in the gym. Instead go for bike rides, or jog in a n area you haven’t been to and check out some new scenery. The more you make things interesting, the more you will find that you are likely to stay on your exercise program or routine. Finding another gym to go to instead of the same one might also help to motivate you. Seeing new faces and meeting new trainers might just be the thing you need to help re-energize your love for the gym. You may even want to try out another gym to see if they have different equipment or even some free classes you can sign up for and sometimes a ‘spin’ class is just what you need to lift your mood and get the exercise you need.

One of the other things that will help to stop you from eating when you are bored is to take away the bad food. Yes it is OK to cheat once a day per week, and we aren’t talking about being completely strict. However, if you have a bunch of bad snacks lying in wait in your cupboard, then that is just an invitation for disaster. Keep healthy snacks available like apples, carrots, dried nuts, and dried fruits. If you do find yourself at home and bored, and you just want to relax and sit in front of the TV, then you will at least have some healthy snacks that won’t put the reverse on all the hard work you just did the week or days before. And instead of the TV, if you find yourself bored, take a walk in a park or go for a quick run, jog, or bike ride. Once you start getting into these healthy habits, you will find that you will be less bored and less likely to go off your exercise routine.

Exercise is great, but if you need someone to help keep you on track, help you determine what you need to do to achieve the results you want, keep you motivated, and get a personalized plan that suits you, then you need to contact me today!