The parents of our students were demanding healthier lunch alternatives. We hired Jillian to help us develop new menus as well as an appealing campaign to get the kids excited. Needless to say, the new program is a success!

Sarah R., Chicago, IL

When the memo from Corporate came that we needed to revamp our lunch options for our employees, we reached out to Jillian. She made the whole consulting process easy and understandable for the less “health-minded” of us.

Anne P., Dallas, TX

Plain and simple: Jillian’s program WORKS. I was able to get down to my target weight, and I’ve been able to maintain it months after our sessions ended, thanks to her great coaching.

Jennifer P., Reno, NV

After trying what seemed like every diet program on television, I was ready to give up. I decided to try something different, and contacted Jillian. Now, I’ve got the figure I’ve been working so hard for!

Elena V., Los Angeles, CA

Every time I tried getting my kids (and husband!) to eat healthier, it was a battle. Jillian’s recipe ideas helped make it easier on me with nutritious meals that taste great!

Rachel H., Boulder, CO

It was a struggle for me to figure out how to lose my baby weight while keeping up with the demands of raising three children, but Jillian gave me a plan that worked with my lifestyle and schedule.

Emma D., New York, NY

After the birth of my daughter, I was excited for motherhood, but not about my extra weight. Jillian provided me with the motivation, and support that I needed to work off my baby weight, and keep it off too!

Sharon K., Ft. Meyers, FL

When I was pregnant with my first son, I noticed I was feeling tired all the time. With Jillian’s counseling and suggestions, I feel way more energetic and I’m noticeably more active. Thanks Jillian!

Lisa M., Kansas City, MO