Today we have a guest post from a reader who has taken the healthy lifestyle change to heart:

“I have always thought about nutrition in regards to our bodies.  When I was 16, I realized all my friends were driving, including myself.  Teenagers have big appetites but they didn’t get the exercise they needed anymore because it was cool to drive.  I thought of being a child and running around all the time and burning off all the nutrients I ate.  I was always riding my bike and decided that riding my bike and walking burned off the nutrients I ate and kept me in shape.  This was in 1972 when I understood the importance of eating healthy foods and foods that were not processed. I believed the preservatives would not leave our bodies and collect over the years and leave deposits of unwanted fat in our bodies.

I chose to eat all natural foods and I learned that eating naturally kept me full and kept me lean and naturally muscular.  I also needed a lot of energy because I was in school and working.  I cut out the candy bars and decided to watch the fat grams.  I had a close friend who was a nutritionist since I was 10 years old and she taught me the importance of eating healthy.  I also learned it’s quite simple as well.

I am currently still eating the way I have done for years and now into 21st century, I am still in very good shape for my age and exercise regularly.  Anyone can learn about nutrition and make the changes they need to live a full and healthy life.

I recently have been reading about a Nutritionist from NYC and her name is Jillian Panzella. I was impressed that she had over 10 years of experience in this field and even works with cosmetic surgeons as well as a variety of individuals including major organizations.  Jillian has helped many people achieve their goals with body composition and health goals. Jillian also had lost 50 pounds herself at one point in her life using techniques she developed, which got her interested in helping others achieve a greater and healthier lifestyle.

I admire that Jillian uses a holistic approach and this includes stress reduction and lifestyle adjustments.  I am writing about her because I was impressed to read about her knowledge of nutrition and how it affects us as people living in society today.  I fully agree with her methods and the simplicity of her approach.  Jillian is an asset to this billion dollar industry as a consultant to many firms looking for ways to improve the health of their employees, so the quality of their products are created by employees who are happy with their body image.

My recommendation would be to go to and read what she has to say because she has a great program to share with all who read this.” – Rida Z.