When you discover you’re pregnant, it’s easy to start thinking that you should be eating ‘for two.’ This isn’t an excuse to start munching your way through multi-packs of Lays chips or boxes of mini donuts though! Instead, this is an opportunity for you to research pregnancy nutrition and eat well for the health of both yourself and your unborn baby.

Fruit and vegetables

It goes without saying that fresh fruit and vegetables are the best things you can eat whilst pregnant; any pregnancy nutrition plan should contain plenty of both.  But you don’t have to stick to salads and crudités – be adventurous and try new things.  Whip up a fruit smoothie, add fruit to your morning cereal, add vegetables to pasta dishes and omelets and use your creativity.

Never skip breakfast

It’s important to have a healthy breakfast every day and it’s even more important when you are pregnant. By having a healthy, filling breakfast, you’re less likely to give in to cravings for sugary or salty snacks later in the day.  Opt for healthy breakfast cereals, eggs or fresh fruit and yogurt to get the nutrition your body needs to support a healthy, happy baby.

Foods to avoid

Of course, there are some foods you should avoid in pregnancy; these include:

  • Pate
  • Raw eggs
  • Undercooked meat
  • Caffeine
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Peanuts
  • Raw shellfish
  • Sushi
  • Liver

If you have any doubts about whether a food is safe to eat or not, advice on pregnancy nutrition is available from your health care practitioner. So don’t get caught up in the ‘eating for two’ game, but remember to choose healthy alternatives to some of your normal foods and your baby will thank you for it!