Everyone struggles with stubborn fat these days, so here are a few tips for effective weight loss for women:

1. Weight loss for women is so much more than just staying away from a certain food group, as many fad diets would have you believe. Not eating a particular food group or limiting the calories your body requires could only end up hurting you and put you at risk for health risks such as:

  • Nutritional deficiencies– each food group has its specific nutrients and benefits. Don’t deprive yourself!
  • Compromised immune system – nutritional deficiencies can disrupt the functions of your body, resulting in health problems
  • Slow metabolism – a deficit of food in the body results in a slower metabolism to hang on to the nutrients you have

2. Create an exercise plan you can get excited about. Weight loss for women doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore. It can be fun! For instance, if you like dancing, why not spend some time dancing every day?  If you like something more extreme, like rock climbing, then do more of that. Simple as that! These two tips are just the beginning for effective and healthy weight loss for women. If you’ve found yourself stuck with a few extra pounds, and aren’t sure how to get them off, contact Jillian Panzella today for a one on one consultation.