If you have a few extra pounds from pregnancy and have been too busy with you new schedule to start dieting and exercising, Jillian Panzella Nutrition can help you with all natural weight loss. Weight loss for women can be hard. It can be stressful when you have a busy life juggling family and career life. Sometimes other things take priority over your health and what you eat.

Work especially does not always allow you the freedom to go find a healthy snack or lunch, with deadlines and vending machines just in reach. So a little help from a nutritionist can be the push you need to get you to your goals and bring you back to a healthier lifestyle.

With our customized nutrition plans we offer a wide variety of options and benefits that will encourage you hit your weight loss goal, and keep those pounds off. When you enter pregnancy, nutrition takes on a whole new level. Now you are not only eating for yourself but for the health of your new baby.

Jillian Panzella understands this and will guide you with consultations and personalized meal plans. During your consultation we will go over how you can maintain a healthy weight for your baby and yourself by while eating healthy and good tasting foods. Proper pregnancy nutrition and eating habits will ensure that your baby comes out happy and healthy.

Jillian Panzella Nutrition is here for you whether you are looking for a nutritionist in NYC or a nutritionist in the Los Angeles area. She focuses on nutrition consulting so you can hit your target weight loss goals and so you can get into healthier eating habits.

Jillian promotes natural weight loss without diet pills or other forms of “diet enhancers.” She teaches you to eat regular food in the right combinations to meet all your nutritional needs. Add to that a customized workout plan, and you’ll be well on your way to the new, slim and trim you.