Weight Loss ProgramsMost weight loss programs that you encounter are only focused on short-term goals, which are achieved through deprivation and borderline starvation. The results from these types of weight loss programs are short lived at best, as they leave you susceptible to binge eating, and your metabolism sluggish and confused. I take a holistic approach to your weight loss, with a focus on results that will last. I achieve this by taking the time to go beyond telling you what to eat, and showing you how to eat.

By reprogramming the way you think about how you eat, we can revamp your lifestyle so you start to learn what types of food you should be eating, and in what amounts. In this way, healthy eating becomes a habit, and not a chore. Working together, you will lose weight that stays off, and you’ll continue to lose and feel healthier than ever. Email me at contact@jillianpanzellanutrition.com to start today!  


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