For many people, summertime means lots of outdoor fun, sunshine, and swimming. That last part sometimes stresses us out though, because that means bikini season. So maybe your diet got away from you a bit during the holiday season, and you’re still trying to work it off – it happens. Rather than stressing about your first pool party, I’ve got a solution for you: my 4 Week Bikini Body Program!

The 4 Week Bikini Body Program is a crash course designed to get you ready the summer months. Our small group is composed of women who really want to rock their bathing suits this summer. The program consists of four intensive 60-minute sessions that will get you sweating and dieting your way to the beach body you’ve been longing for. You’ll receive specially formulated meal and workout plans that will have you seeing results in only four weeks! Like all of my other programs, you’ll receive the support and guidance to help you see the program through until the end, and meet your goals. Are you ready to make this summer the best one yet?

Again, here’s what you’ll get with the 4 Week Bikini Body Program:

  • 4 intensive 60 minute sessions
  • Specially formulated meal plan to ramp up your fat burning potential
  • Specially designed workout plan to get you results, fast
  • Support and guidance to help you meet your goals

So if you’re ready to finally shed that winter weight and take the pool by storm, email me today at!

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