A Nutrition Expert Improves Your Patient Results

Nutrition ExpertWhy partner with a nutrition counselor?

My nutritional counseling services allow you to provide complete care to your patients while saving the cost of hiring an in house nutritionist.  You get the benefit without the financial burden.  Or added paperwork hassle.  A nutrition counselor boosts patient satisfaction because of the variety of healthcare options you offer.  This encourages loyalty, increasing word-of-mouth business because of your convenient and comprehensive one-stop-shop capabilities. Patients are savvy, and they’re interested in receiving holistic care.  They want to not only how to get the best care for the issue they’re coming to you about, but know how other areas of their health affects that issue.  Whether they’ve just had a baby, have skin issues, or are preparing for a surgery, a good nutritional foundation can make sure their body is healthy and in top-functioning form to allow for weight loss, clearer skin, or a quick recovery.

Physician specialties I work with

Any doctor who sees a benefit to having patients develop and maintain healthy eating habits would benefit from my services.  Tailor-made for each individual patient, my programs are well-suited for almost any patient population, especially those from:

  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • Anti-aging physicians
  • Dermatologists

Services offered

Offering a range of services allows physicians from a variety of specialties to find my work a benefit to their practice.  I currently offer:

  • Weight loss programs
  • Pre-surgical preparation
  • Detoxes
  • Cleanses
  • Pre and post surgical nutrition and maintenance plans
  • Family nutrition counseling
  • Pre natal nutrition
  • Post natal weight loss

I am also qualified to provide support and direction with the following Metagenics products:

  • Clear Change™ Metabolic Detoxification Program*
  • Healthy Transformation™ Weight Loss Program*

*cost of supplements not included in the program

My approach to nutrition counseling

Having a strong, fit body is much more than just nutrition and exercise.  My holistic approach to nutrition means she takes the time to get to know each patient, and examines all areas of their lives including relationships and career situations. I know how stress and lifestyle play important roles in what we choose to eat and how our bodies process foods.  I create custom plans for each patient based on their specific body and needs.   I help them understand how what they put in their body effects it in more ways than just what they see on a scale.

Patient Benefits

For those preparing for surgery, my pre surgery diet plans will get them to their optimal weight before their appointment with you.  Post surgery diet plans allow them to understand how to keep the weight off.  And my maintenance plans enhance and support your work to help patients keep their new look. My guidance on good nutrition allows your patients to stay youthful and vibrant, have glowing skin, and increased confidence.

For More Information

Learn more about how I can add value to your practice by getting your patients physically and mentally to a place where your work can have the best results.   Email me at contact@jillianpanzellanutrition.com or call (888) 513-4777.

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